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     My carpets have been cleaned twice by the cleaner in my new home and I couldn't be happier with her work. With two playful pups constantly creating stains, it can be challenging, but she always delivers amazing results and leaves my floors looking flawless.
K. Mayers18/12/2023
     Very competent and rapid conveyance approach. Absolutely warded off my back loads of strain!
     A shining example that others should strive to emulate!
     Their house cleaners did an excellent job. Communication was great, and they were always updating me about their progress. The jobs were completed to a high standard and I got a reasonable price from Hatch End Carpet Cleaning Services too! Can't complain.
Annie T19/05/2020
     We've been using Carpet Cleaning Hatch End for our end of tenancy cleaning services for over a decade. Quality work at a price that won't break your budget. Thanks, guys!
Connor Walters20/09/2019
     From the moment they arrived Hatch End Carpet Cleaner were perfect! They set out around the office building and worked their bottoms off till everything was sparkling and looking like brand new. Great help from start to finish, with amazing commercial cleaners and great prices. Love their work! Thank you for the help!
Billy W.07/12/2016
      Carpet Cleaning Company Hatch End did my home cleaning last week and made the place shine. I had never hired help before but as time was limited I opted to call in assistance. The cleaners worked hard, dusting, vacuuming and mopping all over until the place was sparkling clean. Great job and excellent value!
P. Allen13/01/2016
     HatchEndCarpetCleaners have been a lifesaver for my firm. We had struggled to keep the place clean and it was a disaster. It was harder to find things, people didn't feel comfortable and weren't going to impress anyone who visited. I heard about them from my friend Rita and so I called them up. I was amazed at all they offered and hired them immediately. They have worked hard to keep my office clean and I want to give them a big thanks for it.
Jodie Parker18/12/2014
     This is the first time I have hired HatchEndCarpetCleaners for cleaning my home and their cleaners left literally ten minutes ago. I just walked through the house after they were done and I am so happy with what they have done that I had to come online and drop a review. The two cleaning ladies who arrived right on time were extremely pleasant people to deal with and finished their work very quickly and efficiently. They even cleaned places that I had not expected them to do. With such impressive work, I am sure to hire them again.
Pierre Y.04/12/2014
     Lots of people use company cleaners to help out at home nowadays and although I often wanted to experience it I always felt too ashamed to ask, I suppose I feared being judged. I needn't have worried at all though as that is far from the experience I obtained, I got a very friendly, helpful and affordable service from HatchEndCarpetCleaners and it was nothing as I'd previously feared at all. In fact I was told that my home was not that bad at all, which made me smile. Even so the result at the end was brilliant, just goes to show what the right tools for the job can do.
Debbie K.08/05/2014
     In some ways, cleaning is not as much of a gender based thing nowadays. I am happy to say that both my wife and I are very happy in our jobs, but it does mean that neither of us have any time for house work. We have two beautiful children who take up most of our time when we are at home, so having a cleaner is pretty much essential. In some senses, we owe HatchEndCarpetCleaners a lot more than we actually pay them! They always ensure that our home is clean and tidy, whilst being very respectful of the place, and dealing with our private items appropriately.
D. Adams07/01/2014